A Wishlist Surprise….

Don’t leave everyone wondering what you want this holiday season…

Create and share your AKD Wishlist! For each share, you will be entered to win an AKD $50 gift certificate! Contest ends Thursday, November 30, 2017 11:59PM EST. Winner to be announced Friday December 1, 2017.

A Wishlist is a grouping of jewelry styles you have chosen from our Anne Koplik Designs online shop that we store specially for you. This jewelry you may want to receive for your birthday, for your wedding, a holiday or just because. The best part – it is so easy to share this list with the people you love.

Don’t leave your loved ones wondering gifts you want this holiday season…create your very own AKD WISHLIST!


Below are a few frequently asked questions about our Wishlist.

What is a Wishlist?
A Wishlist is a list of products you want from our Anne Koplik Designs online store. Store products you would like to receive for your birthday, for your wedding, or just because!

Do I have to register on your website to create a Wishlist?
You do not have to register to create a wishlist, however if you create a Wishlist as a guest, your Wishlist will only be stored for 30 days or until you clear your cookies.

Will anyone see my Wishlist?
You have the option to keep your Wishlist private, or to make it public.

Can I share my Wishlists?
You can email your Wishlist or share your Wishlist on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

How can someone find my Wishlist?
Click “Wishlist” then click “Find a List” and search by name or email.

How many Wishlists can I create?
You can create an unlimited number of Wishlists.

Can I add or edit my Wishlist?
Absolutely! Just find your Wishlist and you can update it at your convenience.



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