AKD Testimonials

OMG Anne I just received my watch it is absolutely gorgeous exactly what I wanted and thank you so much for the necklace beautiful definitely putting you guys in my favourites list.”

Maria M.

Wow, you made my day. Thank you so much Carol. In addition to your beautiful jewelry, your service is simply wonderful and I appreciate it so much. I’m a customer for life!”

Karen M.

My new earrings arrived along with the replacement earring.  I definitely feel sparkly and beautiful with them.  Thank you again for your amazing customer-centric mindset and actions.”


Thank you so much! You are fantastically nice to have fixed one of my green dragonfly earrings and replaced the other, missing one. I was trying to be a grown-up about losing a favorite earring—it’s just a thing, blah blah, and I’ve already enjoyed them for many years…. But I am THRILLED to be able to wear them again. I have your dragonflies in a few colors, but these green ones get the most compliments. Thank you so much for going above and beyond—now I love your company as much as I love your beautiful jewelry.”

Nina R.

You are the best, thank you very much, Carol. I’ll be ordering again. First discovered AK inNew Orleans and have a number of necklaces and earrings, and have given AK treasures as gifts. Thanks for working with me. Blessings to you.”

Chris W.

Thank you Carol! The bluebird is rather significant – my daughter’s first dance recital at age 4, she was a blue bird dressed in her black leotard, with a light blue cape. And when she graduated from high school at age 18, the last number of her dance company performed to the song Birdland (Manhattan Transfer) and yes, she was a blue bird again. This time a rather jazzy one with a feather headdress.


So after the wedding she will place the pin in a box along with the photos of each of these, along with a wish for future generation brides,  and pass it along to her daughter.”


Yay!! I get so many compliments. I’ve gifted a few things too. Thanks so much. Love her stuff.”


I received the ring yesterday and I love it even more in person.”

Jody P.

By the way  the dragonfly necklace and earrings are my most favorite go to jewelry    I so rarely wear necklaces because they feel too heavy.   Thank Anne for making such light weight and beautiful pieces.”

Deirdre M.

I could not be any more thrilled with Anne Koplik’s above and beyond customer service. I lost a main piece to my one half of my favorite pair of earrings. I really thought it would be a longshot when I went to the retailer and asked them if they knew who made the earrings. I had purchased them several years earlier and honestly didn’t think there was any chance of ever replacing them. They told me they were Anne Koplik and how wonderful their customer support is. So I sent an email and promptly received a response to send in what was left of my favorite earrings. Well, I’m excited to say they fixed them and they are as good as new!! And at no charge?! Unheard of! Anne Koplik, you definitely have made me a dedicated customer and I will most certainly tell all of my friends. Thank you!!”

Nancy F.

I want to RAVE about my recent on-line shopping experience thru your web site. I ordered a gift for my GF last Friday and It just arrived today, a few days later.

I opened up the exterior brown box only to find the most elegant packaging ever, I mean the gift was in bubble wrap, but the actual gift box was enclosed in a fine clear bag that looked like the inventory persons used white satin gloves to touch it, seriously.

Talk about made in the USA with Pride!

Anyways, thank you so much. Im not even sure my GF is going to want to even open the gift because its packaging is so beautiful to simply look at, oh well looks like I’ll be purchasing another gift very soon that she can rip open and enjoy, ha ha lol!

Thanks again!”


“I am thrilled with my dragonfly! It is perfect. I can’t wait to wear it. I am so happy that I took a chance on contacting Anne Koplik Designs. You really care about your customers! And yes, I am a fan. Not only do I have some pieces, but I love giving them as gifts, each piece is so beautiful. The fact that your jewelry is Made In America?? is also a big plus for me. I always look for items made in the USA.

Thank you again for repairing my dragonfly. You are terrific. God bless you and everyone at Anne Koplik Designs!


After working a grueling 12 hr. day, I straggled home frayed and exhausted, only to be surprised by the arrival of your package.
You truly made my day. The earrings are perfect in every way, and I am so thrilled to be reunited with them. I can’t wait to wear them again.

I thank you so much for your time, patience, caring, and understanding. Your eye to all the little details-from the packaging, the bow, the mesh bag, the enclosures, right down to the extra jump rings and earring hooks, just really made it all so special. You really put your own stamp on Customer Service, and are a credit to Anne Koplik Designs.

I have been a fan for years, but now I will be a fan forever, and pass the word on. Doing business with you has truly been my pleasure. Thanks again for helping to make me a satisfied, and very happy customer. Enjoy your Summer! Please feel free to pass this letter on to the Anne Koplik Family.”

Jan W.

Received my mermaid necklace today. It’s so sparkly and beautiful! And it arrived packaged so very beautifully! Made my day!”

Kate F.

I just wanted to thank you for my recent order. The earrings are even prettier than on the web site. I absolutely love them . You do such great work on your designs. Your packaging and customer service is top notch.”

Nancy M.