Anne Koplik Featured in Uno Alla Volta!

Sometimes something happens that makes you smile all day.  Last week, it was me seeing my mom featured in the prestigious artisan catalog Uno Alla Volta.  (Fun fact from the Uno Alla Volta website: “Our name means one at a time® and describes how our artisans lovingly create each treasure.”)


Not that many people know that when my mother started this business, her goal was only to earn a few extra dollars each week to supplement her Interior Designing career.  She didn’t have a specific business plan or higher expectations.  Perhaps that is why a feature such as this is so exciting.  Her goals were small…but her accomplishments ended up being big.  I just love seeing her celebrated in such a meaningful forum and amongst so many other talented and accomplished artisan designers, and in particular for such a beautiful art deco design.  Art Deco has always been one of her favorite periods of design.  That doesn’t happen every day to everyone, so when it does…and it is your mom… you smile big all day…because it just warms your heart.

Anne of New York works alongside her daughters and assistant to create this unique, sparkling jewelry. Drawing inspiration from the classical jewelry designs of Cartier, Tiffany, and Faberge, they create jewelry that transcends the eras.

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