Chokers: Fad Or Fab?

With the resurgence of one of the fashion world’s most resilient trends, you can’t help but throw around the term “fad” when talking about choker necklaces. But are they truly a fad, or did they rebel once in the 90’s when they tried to imitate tattoos and caught a bad rap? I’d like to believe the latter, in hopes that those cheapened gum ball machine baubles stay twenty years in the past where they belong.

A “fad” is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze. While we’re all wildly enthusiastic about one of our favorite statement pieces coming back into play, we can’t possibly overlook the longevity of the lifespan of the choker. Historically speaking, the necklace pops up in every culture, and every time period going back before the 1700’s. Chokers have not only been elements of fashion, but symbols of political revolutions and cultural stances. They have been used as symbols of celebration, feminine power, wealth, rebellion, and solidarity. That doesn’t sound much like a fad to me.

The fact of the matter is, chokers (like most things we hold dear throughout our lives) make their reappearance when we need them most. If you think back to the last time you wore one, you know in that moment you felt that extra special sparkle, I know I did. Theres nothing like a choker to make that small, elegant statement, while still keeping a bit of youthful edge.

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