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Featuring Anne Koplik Designs Luminous Medallion Necklace & Earrings

Whether your valentine is a significant other, bestfriend, mom, dad, or even your dog it is important to remember that this holiday is about love. Loving each other, and most importantly loving yourself. A challenge I am setting for myself this year is instead of thinking about things I don’t have, I am going to be reminding myself to be thankful for the things that I do have, and remembering to the the people I love how much they mean to me. We could all use a bit more warmth in our lives lately, and if you are able to make someone’s smile a bit bigger, or a stranger’s day a bit brighter we will all be better for it. So with that, Happy Valentine’s Day and I wish you lots of love today and always.

I found Anne Koplik Designs at a local boutique (If you all remember Bedazzled Boutique from Paint It Black) and let’s be honest…it was hard not to fall for her designs. They’re different, unique, and colorful. All three things that are staples in my closet. Best of all; however, is that each piece is made in the US in their studio in Brewster, NY. Thirty years ago Anne Koplik Designs was born on the dining room table of Anne’s Long Island home, with a mission to create a business that she and her daughters could build and grow together. As many of you know, my passion is local businesses, artists, and women entrepreneurs so if I wasn’t already obsessed with their work, their story sold me.

I never feel like simply a customer with Anne’s team, I feel like family and if I could rave for years about their customer service I would. So, when I knew I wanted to treat myself to something special this Valentine’s Day, I looked to their designs. This featured Luminous Medallion necklace and earring combo stole my heart (sorry, boys) and I knew that my outfit for the day had to showcase their stunning work.



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