Mixing Metals and Styles With Danielle

1-dMid-summer can start feeling a bit stale with the excitement of flirty sun dresses and strappy sandals winding down. Why start looking forward to fall, and playing around with layering your clothes, when the most of your canvas is visible now?! Layering your jewelry can add that exciting spark of creativity that breathes life into your daily staples.

Mixing metals and styles are a big plus when it comes to showing off your sun kissed glow and highlighting playful necklines, never shy away from pairing your old favorites with new statements. Or take advantage of the space your scarves2-d once occupied and pair a bold pendant on a long chain below a choker or collar necklace like I have. You can also pair multiple bracelets to add some color and sparkle to bare arms, the possibilities for creating playful moments this summer are endless regardless of if you’re going big and bold and bright or opting for a more subtle and sophisticated sparkle.

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