Summer Jewelry Trends 2022

It’s summer time here at AKD! The warm weather brings the perfect opportunity to relax, go for a swim, take a walk on the beach, and rock your favorite pair of summer sunglasses! Because what would a summer outfit be without the perfect accessories? We’ve got the perfect addition to any sun dress, pair of shorts, or tank top. Now’s your chance to soak up the sun, and take a look at AKD’s Summertime Jewelry! 

Summer isn’t complete without a beach day! While collecting seashells, you may be lucky enough to come across a sand dollar! But they’re much easier to find here at AKD. Just take a look at our Seaside Sand Dollar Earrings or maybe the beautiful Sun & Sand Dollar Bracelet. But what about the creatures that swim along with us? The turtles, crabs, and starfish are beautiful too! And since we all believe in mermaids, you’ll love the Believe Crystal Mermaid Necklace!  

If staying above shore is your thing, maybe you’d like to conquer the sea by boat! Set sail this summer with our Doria Crystal Sailboat Necklace, navigate with the Vintage Inspired Nautical Compass Necklace, and dock with the Catalina Crystal Anchor Necklace

If you’d like a little touch of everything, our Crystal Jumble Necklaces and Bangles incorporate all of our favorite things about summer into one piece! A tropical drink would be perfectly complemented by the Kailani Crystal Pineapple Jumble Bangle

 And nothing is more soothing than the buzz of beautiful winged creatures soaring around you! Butterflies are a stunning classic, made even more breathtaking by our designers here at AKD. Take a look at our wide selection of summer-y butterflies, such as our Papillon Crystal Butterfly Earrings. And while dragonflies take flight all year at AKD, summer time really makes them stand out! Take your pick from our dragonfly collection, which includes the Aveline Crystal Dragonfly Necklace.  

Shop for the perfect addition to your summer here!

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