What’s On Your AKD Wishlist?!

What’s on Your AKD Wishlist??

You see a piece of jewelry that you want, but don’t want to buy it for yourself…

Someone special in your life wants to buy something for you that you will love, something that is just perfect for you, but they don’t know what to get…

Someone says to you, “I know you love Anne Koplik jewelry, but they have so many choices, I don’t know which piece is perfect for you”!

Sound familiar? Well we are here to help! Create your very own Anne Koplik Wishlist!

A Wishlist is a list of jewelry styles you choose from our Anne Koplik Designs online store that we store specially for you. This list of styles you may want to receive for your birthday, for your wedding, a holiday or just because!

You simply click “Add to Wishlist” on any product you want!

Below are a few frequently asked questions about our Wishlist.


What is a Wishlist?
A Wishlist is a list of products you want from our Anne Koplik Designs online store. Store products you would like to receive for your birthday, for your wedding, or just because!

Will anyone see my Wishlist?
You have the option to keep your Wishlist private, or to make it public.

Can I share my Wishlists?
You can email your Wishlist or share your Wishlist on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

How can someone find my Wishlist?
Click “Wishlist” then click “Find a List” and search by name or email.

How many Wishlists can I create?
You can create an unlimited number of Wishlists.

Can I add or edit my Wishlist?
Absolutely! Just find your Wishlist and you can update it at your convenience.


Your Treat!

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    • Kimberly says

      Hello! Please go to Wishlist on menu bar, then click “Manage List” where you will then have the opportunity to “Share with Friends”. Click the little envelope to email! Please contact me if you need further assistance! kimberly@annekoplik.com

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