Why You Need To Wear The Evil Eye Amulet

Wear the evil eye symbol to guard you from negative energy and attract good karma. You can find the evil eye symbol all over the world and it has been recognized across many different cultures and religions throughout history. The evil eye symbol usually has blue on it because it is the best color to ward off bad vibes. (just like the evil eye emoji)  🧿

People still wear evil eye jewelry today as a symbol of protection. This makes an evil eye necklace or bracelet the perfect gift for someone you care about! Check out our newly released evil eye jewelry below!

Our evil eye bracelet is a clear metallic glass beaded wrap with gold tone beaded end caps along with clear and blue crystals. 

The evil eye pendant is embellished with blue and clear crystals, has a gold toned chain, and a lobster claw closure. 

Your Treat!

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