Why Do Women Wear Jewelry?

Playing dress-up begins at five and never truly ends.”-Kate Spade

This is a question that I used to wonder a lot to myself when I was younger, “Why did women love to wear jewelry? What made it so special?” Growing up in a family jewelry business, Anne Koplik Designs, I was surrounded by all things glitzy from a very young age, from earrings to necklaces and rings to bracelets, I’ve seen it all… and ever since I can remember I have LOVED all the colors and sparkles that each individually hand-crafted piece possessed. But other than the sparkles I never really understood what made jewelry so special or why people got so excited when they were able to find that one pair of earrings. I mean, yeah its pretty but… why all the fuss?

As I’ve gotten older and as I’ve grown up in the business I’ve realized how incredible jewelry really is. It’s amazing how such a simple design composed of metal pieces and crystals can have such an important impact on a person’s attitude and outlook on life.jenna-sealife-blog

As I sit at the AKD Showroom Sales and watch the stream of customers walk in and out with smiles on their faces from ear to ear I can’t help but think how wonderful jewelry is for being able to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. Every holiday, from Christmas to Mother’s Day, I take a minute to think about all the people that will be opening a gift from AKD and I get such a warm feeling in my body thinking about all the smiles and happiness that that simple piece of jewelry has caused.

One aspect of jewelry that makes it completely different and much more special than anything else in the fashion industry is that jewelry doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter what size, shape or skin color someone is, they can always find something unique and beautiful that suits them! When shopping for clothes or shoes, all people look at is the tag size and all people worry about is whether or not something will fit them. Jewelry isn’t like that, as long as you have ears or a neck or a wrist or fingers, you will be able to find some piece of jewelry that is just right for you. We see people from all walks of life come into the Showroom Sales and we are able to find every single one of them something beautiful to wear. With jewelry there isn’t a sizing chart, people aren’t labeled by a single number. If there is a piece that someone loves they will not be turned away because it’s “not the right size” or “doesn’t fit their body type” they will be able to wear whatever they want and feel beautiful in whatever jewelry they pick out!

I have loved growing up in my family jewelry business. It has opened my eyes to see the beauty in the small simple things of life. It also gives me great joy and excitement to see someone wearing a piece of jewelry that I know was designed by my own grandmother. I hope to continue this legacy of making women feel beautiful in their own skin for as long as I can because every women deserves to feel beautiful!

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Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel completely unique.”- Jennie Kwon

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